Why choose Bishop

It is a solution that provides you with a clear, unique picture of the operation of your system and its actual performance levels.


An integrable solution
that enables machines to communicate.


As easy to use
as any application.


Offers maximum flexibility and freedom of integration, thanks to our proprietary IoT operating system and hardware.


It can be integrated with applications that exploit
AI for the advanced use of data, predictive maintenance, blockchain and data science.

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Bishop is Industry 4.0

The ideal solution for measuring order and production data, and can easily be integrated with business software and other system applications.

Remote Control

Bishop connects to industrial machinery and communicates,
capturing information and offering the possibility of remote monitoring.

Essential data

Only the amount of data required and relevant details are filtered,
used and stored for future use.

Machinery of varying generations

Bishop can connect to new and legacy machines.

Predictive maintenance

Forecast the behaviour of plants, infrastructure
and services to anticipate potential stoppages or anomalies.

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An innovative company with 20 years of experience

At Ultrafab we manage the entire creation, design, development and production of products for the IoT (internet of Things) market, focusing specifically on the need to capture, manage and understand data using traditional and AI tools.

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