Why choose Bishop:

  • It is an integrable solution that enables machines to communicate.
  • It is as easy to use as any application.
  • It offers maximum flexibility and freedom of integration, thanks to our proprietary IoT operating system and hardware.
  • It can be integrated with applications that exploit artificial intelligence for the advanced use of data, predictive maintenance, blockchain and Bishop data science.


The new frontier in efficiency

To keep up with your competitors and avoid losing orders, you need a system solution that helps you with all production activities, such as planning work orders, controlling production, managing templates and history, and monitoring batches and performance levels.

Discover Bishop, the operating system for the digital factory

This is the ideal solution for measuring order and production data, and can easily be integrated with management software and other system applications.

Bishop is able to decide which data to capture, and when to process and transfer it before it is sent, by applying data manipulation and filtering logic. It will enable your system to carry out structured tasks autonomously. Thanks to applications that can be integrated with Bishop, we can add various layers that exploit artificial intelligence for the advanced use of data, predictive maintenance, blockchain and data science.

All machinery under control

Bishop connects to industrial machinery and communicates, capturing information and offering the possibility of remote control.This unique system can enable machines of varying generations to communicate, and works with new and legacy industrial machines.

Even your system can communicate with Bishop

Data travels in two directions between Bishop and machinery. Bishop reads data from machinery and sends it, receives information from the system, and communicates it to the machinery or production operators. The PLC remains as it is – Bishop adds functionality to your system without intervening in the existing PLC configuration.

The data analysis and results are accessible and usable immediately

Through graphics and customised dashboards data can be displayed and interpreted immediately.
The Bishop interface is simple and immediate, and the convenience of our tools is essential for enabling anyone to use the platform.

Bishop speaks an endless number of languages

A system could have new and legacy machines operating together, business software with different languages or which calls up the same thing differently, wasting an enormous amount of time and requiring additional work, possibly even manually, to standardise it all.
Bishop acts as a bridge between all of these elements.

How does Bishop work?

The Bishop system is made up of three elements:


A box designed for use in an industrial setting, which is the foundation for capturing company data.
It connects to new and legacy machines and communicates, capturing information and enabling remote control. Tools can be added that aid the flow of information, such as barcode readers, RFID and touch screens.
It increases the performance of your system.
Data measurements in real time will let you deal with anomalies or timescale and stoppage issues relating to production.


The server is an application made up of various operating modules. It can reside on the customer’s company server or in the cloud.
Stores and organises data produced by machinery and captured by the boxes. It manages the customer box network, and provides a connection between the management software and customer MES software.
It also helps you to create a strategy, displays and makes data available, and improves production planning.


The applications are special modules that use the data captured by the boxes and stored in Bishop. On request they can be combined with data coming from other sources (ERP, MES, external sources).
They process the data in Bishop and make it usable, by displaying, filtering, searching and monitoring the data, and representing it in graphs and tables.
High level of compatibility and adaptability.
No software changes required.